from overseas

Whether you're a Christian or not, you're welcome at Holy Trinity Platt

People come here on Sundays for many reasons. Perhaps they’re curious to know what Christians believe, or they want to learn about this part of British (and worldwide!) culture, or maybe they are Christians looking for a church while studying or working in Manchester. Whatever your reason for visiting, you are welcome here!

The Bible is very important for Christians. We use it at church on Sunday when we worship and give glory to God and there are Bibles available to borrow during that time. We want to welcome everyone, so we have Bibles in English and other languages, some with English included. Ask for one of these – if you come regularly and we don’t have a translation in your language, we will try to get one.

If you have any questions or to find out more, please email

Welcome Churches is an organisation that helps those new to the UK to connect with others, find help and support, and settle in well to life in the United Kingdom. They have lots of resources that can be found here under ‘Guides’.

The Alexandria Library is an independent charity bookshop celebrating the cultural richness of the famous ‘Curry Mile’ of south Manchester and its unique diversity of people and communities. They run lots of events including The Bible Made Easy and English classes.

As well as worshipping God on Sundays, we meet together for lots of weekly activities.  There are also many other events you would also be most welcome to join, such as a book club, intercultural bring-and-share meals, church socials and much more!